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Civil Engineering


To set recognition at regional and national level for excellence in Civil Engineering education, by means of disseminating knowledge to students through quality teaching learning process, best research practices and industry interaction.


1. To adopt compatible and quality teaching learning methodology for advantage of students.
2. To encourage faculty and students, for participating in various research activities and publications.
3. To have memorandum of understanding with industries for students and faculty, in order to meet employers need.
4. To enhance the infrastructure and environment, for providing the desired Civil Engineering qualification.
To undertake real time Civil Engineering issues, as a project of the students to boon the society.

About Department

Civil Engineering Department is one of the youngest departments of JDIET established on 2nd July 2014 with an admission intake of 60 UG students. In the duration of last four years department developed the requirements necessary to provide Civil Engineering Education.


Teaching and non teaching staff in the department is dedicated for completing the curricular requirements of the syllabus set by SGB Amravati University. Sufficient infrastructure and facilities are available for both theory and practical performance.

The academic system contains track of syllabus completion, Teacher on Demand, Teachers feedback, Academic audit, in-house training to teachers and critical result analysis. The system for outcome based evaluation is also being developed. Faculty regularly attend short term training programs for progress.Regular field visits are conducted to understand the practical application of the courses they study.


Department has a well defined hierarchy / organization structure. The operation procedures for all the departmental portfolios are being developed so as to have streamlined and transparent administration.

Department is conducting regular TG meetings with students to understand their problems. Department is also having regular interaction with parents about the performance of students.


Department has passed out its 1st batch with 24 students placed in Renowned companies.

Almost 6 nos. of companies had visited during session 2017-18.

Department has organised placement drive of 9 companies during academic session 2018-19, total 22 students were selected with maximum package.

In academic session 2019-20, 8 companies has recruited 14 students. 

In academic session 2020-21, 12 companies has recruited 24 students.

In academic session 2021-22, 9 companies has recruited 14 students. 

Recently for the batch 2022-23, 15 students are placed and 3 no. of companies has visited the college. 

For increase in placement extra effort such as Internship for students is also being carried out so as to get practical exposure.


Department have the excellent achievements through staff as well as from students in the area such as (1) Book Publishing, (2) Patent Registration, awards in paper presentation at International and National Level. Around (186) papers has been published in International Journal and around (99) paper has been presented in National and International conference.


Teaching faculty and students are involved in publication of their research work and undertake real time issued as their projects. They also participate in National and International Conferences to present their research work. Progressively the research activities and research labs will be developed. Students are taking real time design project for their study purpose.


Department irrespective of its age is trying to provide its expertise for different consultancy works such as Evaluation of water conservation activities under Jalyukta Shiwar, work executed by Government of Maharashtra and sedimentation analysis using GIS of Nilona Watershed. Department is also involved in the Project Management consultancy work. Testing of construction materials is also performed.


Department has signed one MOU with Industry to achieve Industry Institute Interaction and one with Rotary Club to execute research activity.


Department has established "Departmental Academic Committee" of stakeholders. Also there are Departmental Students Grievance Committee and Staff selection committee.

Students Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Students have established departmental club (Association of Civil Technocrats) which conduct several activities related to overall development and make them comfortable in light environment. Students participate in several departmental, institute and University and National level events to shine themselves.

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