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Hostel Facilities

JDIET Boys Hostel is established in the year 2010 to provide accommodation and mess facilities to students of Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology. The hostel accommodates 99 students. Each room is attached with separate Bathroom equipped with Cold and Hot water, Washbasin with mirror. The rooms are furnished with Cots, Fans, Tables, Chairs, and with Cupboards. Internet facility & RO drinking water is available to the Students of the hostel. Kitchen with modern and spacious dining hall is provided for students. College Guests/visitors and Parent's room for visiting parents are available in the hostel. Sports, Gymnasium and medical facilities to the Students are available in the college campus. A 24-hour security is available to the students of the hostel to protect the hostel.

JDIET also provides additional separate three girls hostel and one boys hostels for maximum accommodation of students, and is owned by external agency.


  • > Ragging Free Environment.
  • > Hostel having facility of Mess, Internet, CCTV surveillance for security purpose.
  • > Daily news paper and monthly magazine, TV facility attachment is provided to the students.
  • > Internet facility is provided to the students through LAN and Wi-fi without any extra fees depending upon access.
  • > In house mess facility is available at minimum cost which is on contractual basis.
  • > Daily cleaning facility for hostel is provided by the institute.
  • > Housekeeping and 24 hours security facility provided at hostels .
  • > Parking Facility.
  • > Water Coolers with water purifying R.O.System.
  • > For Hot Water - Solar Water Heater.
  • > Separate indoor and outdoor sport stadium & gymkhana.
  • > Recreation hall for entertainment and hobby.
  • > Security guard 24 Hrs. available.

Hostel Fess:

Name of Hostel

Intake Capacity

Hostel Fees(Rs.)

Hostel Caution Money

Total Fees (Rs.)

JDIET Boy’s Hostel





Mess Charges

                                         3000 Rs. Per  Month

Hostel Rules & Regulation :

  1. Entry on the hostel register regarding arrival and departure of the student to the hostel campus is compulsory.
  2. While leaving the hostel campus for one day or more the student has to inform the Residential Hostel Warden by filling the hostel leave format before leaving the hostel campus and also the same must be conveyed to the hostel mess owner.
  3. If hostel admission is to be cancelled at the middle of the session only caution money is refundable if and only if no damage is done to the hostel rooms.
  4. Student must take care that all the electrical appliances (lights, fans, etc.) are turned OFF while leaving the hostel room.
  5. No outsiders (students/friends) are allowed to enter in the hostel campus.
  6. The hostel authorizes will be not responsible for the student wellbeing if anything happens to the student outside the hostel campus when he has left the hostel for his personal work and mentioned the same in the hostel entry register while leaving the hostel campus.
  7. Admission to the hostel will be provided to the regular student only.
  8. At the end of each session those student who want to continue the hostel in next year should apply in written to the warden before 30th April with prescribed fees.
  9. If the student wants to stay outside the hostel at night or want to leave the city or want to come after 9:00 PM, he should take prior permission from the warden with justification.
  10. The change of the allotted room is not permitted.
  11. Parents and friends are not allowed to reside in the room; they can meet with the hostel student in the visitor’s room.
  12. Student shall be required to make their room available whenever required for repairs, maintenance, and disinfection and shall be required to vacant the room while leaving for vacations/holidays as per requirement.
  13. The student will be responsible for the damage or loss of hostel property like furniture, fittings, gadgets, machinery, etc. Such losses will recovered from the students individually or collectively.
  14. The student will be responsible for the safe keeping of their own belongings. In the event of loss of the personally property of student due to theft, fire or any other cause ,the institute shall accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for any compensation.
  15. Use of electric appliances like heaters/high electric power consuming gadgets and cooking inside the room are strictly prohibited.
  16. The student must not be involved directly or indirectly in fighting, gambling, antisocial activities, ragging, strike, gheraoes, fast, arousing of the sentiments of the student body and the public. Use of outside agency for redressal of grievance possession or consumption of alcoholic drinks, intoxication drugs, weapons, pornographic materials will be viewed as serious offence.
  17. Student should not display obscene poster or calendar, wall writing, etc. in the room or anywhere in the hostel.
  18. Student should take their take meals only in the dinning space provided in the hostel, Taking meals to their rooms are not allowed. Washing tiffin and cloth in rooms are strictly prohibited.
  19.  Sitting on the parapet wall is strictly prohibited.
  20. Student should not involve in any anti-social, anti-institutional, anti-nation activity. They should not possess any kind of weapon which is prohibited by law.
  21. Any repair or damage in the hostel campus should be reported to the hostel warden.
  22. Student should keep their room and campus neat and clean. They should throw the garbage in the dustbin.
  23. Student will be debarred from the hostel, if he is involved /found in any damage to the hostel property, fighting/quarrel, theft, any kind of misbehavior or involved in any objectionable activities.

Hostel Images:

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