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Procedures And Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities 1) Laboratory- • Lab equipments are serviced by the concerned manufacturers, service personnel and Lab Assistant of the departments. • Wherever necessary, the annual maintenance contract is signed with the supplier. • Proper information in terms of cost, name of the vendor and date of purchase is displayed on each equipment of all the laboratories. • Annual Stock verification is carried out by stock verification committee. 2) Library- • Proper procedures are followed to maintain the library and preserve its materials against decay or deterioration. • These include dusting and cleaning, which is carried out on a regular basis with adequate air and sunlight exposure. • Other procedures include carrying out pest control and replacement of renewable resources like fixtures and fittings and worn out seats. • The issue and return track system of the books and other study material is governed through advanced software system and the record of the stock is maintained physically as well as digitally. 3) Computers- • All sensitive equipment’s like computers/lab equipments are supplied power through online UPS and thus taken care against voltage fluctuations. • Computer labs and all the computers are maintained by our own system administrators. • CCTV camera is installed throughout the campus to monitor all activities. • The camera signals are displayed in CAS Department which is monitored by CAS Incharge. 4) Classrooms- • Classroom maintenance is regularly carried out by the class coordinators. • The tops of the students’ desks of the classrooms are regularly wiped using disinfectant liquid. • Black and white boards are regularly cleaned up. • Each classroom is equipped with DLP and Wi-Fi facility. • All the class rooms of the institute are airy and exposed to sunlight. 5) Infrastructure- • The college has a maintenance department with fulltime staff under direct supervision of office superintendent coordinator who attends all the services related to infrastructure maintenance. • Any discrepancy is reported to the maintenance office through the Principal and the necessary steps for maintenance are been taken. • Cleanliness is given utmost importance. • The complete campus is maintained clean and green. 6) Electrical Maintenance- • Electrical Maintenance is looked after by Electrical Maintenance Coordinator and his team. • Generator and power backup units are kept in separate area to prevent any damages to life and property. • The voltage stabilizers are provided to systems and electrical equipment to stabilize the voltage fluctuation. • In addition to the above a separate capacity uninterrupted power supply is provided to ensure smooth operation of the servers. 7) Water Supply- • The institute is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis water filter plant with a capacity of 1000 lit/hr. • Filtered drinking water is supplied within the complete campus. • Hostel is supplied with a separate water filter plant of 100 lit/hr. • The filter plants are regularly tested and inspected by servicing agencies.

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