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Iqac Staff Audit-department And Academic Audit

Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering& Technology, Yavatmal

Academic Audit

  1. To ensure quality of teaching and administration; Institute conducts there types of audit; 1. Academic monitoring of Faculty; 2. Academic Audit of Department; 3. Academic Audit of the Institute
  2. To identify the strengths and areas of improvement of the faculty member.To observe the effectiveness of department level educational processes, to ensure and encourage quality in teaching, research and extension activities.
  3. Institute level Academic Audit to ensure proper institutional functioning; to monitor adherence to academic and research standards/policies; to offer guidance for better ways of teaching-learning and academic administration; to be a motivating force to achieve excellence in all the activities leading to fulfillment of vision and mission of the institute.


Faculty Audit/ Academic Monitoring:
1. Academic Audit will be conducted once in a session to improve the quality of teaching. It is conductedfor the individual faculty in classroom, where a HOD and observer from other department senior staff observes the classroom teaching of a teaching faculty in the department as per schedule. Format is prepared to judge the quality of teaching by faculty. Weakness in teaching of Individual faculty will be communicated through respective HOD to faculty member. 
2. Academic audit of newly joined staff is conducted twice in a session.



Academic Audit of Department

  1. Audit at the department level, wherein an independent audit panel conducts the audit of various departments of an institute.
  2. The panel evaluates the performance of department in the areas of teaching, research, administration, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, extension activities etc. The purpose of the department level academic audit is to observe the effectiveness of department level educational processes, to ensure and encourage quality in teaching, research and extension activities.
  3. At the same time, it is to check if the policies are adhered to and standards are maintained as per Institute and university norms at various departments (or area) within the constituent institutes.
  4. It is conducted once in a session to judge the performance of the department

Academic Audit of Institute
Academic audit of the institute is conducted once and at the end of Session. The panel uses the University Academic format for audit and verifies all the parameters included in Academic Format of SGBAU, Amravati. It consists of Curriculum development and delivery; the infrastructural facilities; use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learning and administration process by the institute; Course feedback methodology; Future plans of the institute; Student counseling process; Research plans, etc. of the constituent institutions.Panel reports the discrepancies found to the Principal for necessary action and implementation.



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